Fast One Click Yahoo Mail Login

One click to access your yahoo email

Do you ever get tired of having to enter your login and password every time you want to check your yahoo mail? Well, there’s a really easy way to access your email quickly and it only take a little time to set up.

Each browser is different, but this method will work for all browsers and most web enabled cell phones and mobile devices. Best of all, it’s simple and works on every operating system.

First, you need to create a shortcut. The method is going to be different for every browser, but once you create the shortcut, the method is the same. Enter the URL below into your shortcut. I had to break it into two lines, so copy and past the fist line and then add the second line (no spaces)

Easy huh? Now, change the username to reflect your user name and the password to your password. Click on the shortcut and viola! You’re now looking at your yahoo mail inbox. Cool huh? Of course, anyone that has access to your shortcut has access to your email, so keep that in mind.

The yahoo mail log in should only be used on a secure computer. You can also use this yahoo email log in method on your iPhone and Blackberry or even on a USB portable applications like Firefox for USB. Have fun and save a little time with your yahoo email log in.

There are a few other shortcut methods like this, which I’ll be giving away later.