Yahoo Mail Login

It seems a lot of people are having problems getting their one-click yahoo email working. So I am going to try and make the one click yahoo email login a little easier for everyone.

You will have to create a shortcut for your yahoo email. I don’t recommend using Internet Explorer, because it WILL change the link. So use Firefox, Opera, Safari or something else. Right click on the desktop of wherever, but you will have to manually create a shortcut. This method works GREAT for iPhones, Blackberrys and other internet enabled phones.

Create your internet shortcut:

The USERID and PASSWORD will have to be your user id and password – really. Many times, you will be taken to a screen to enter your password the first time you click this shortcut. Click “log in as different user” and click the shortcut again. This will usually solve the password question and clear out the cookie from your previous session.

If your email isn’t a US email, you might have to change the login server to match the mail server as well as the intl= for example, if you’re using yahoo7 the Australia version, you’ll need to make a few changes to match your country.

This will work for Australia yahoo emails eg:  Change the au to whatever your country’s code is de, br, id, etc.. this WILL work for most countries, but a few countries will require your to change the as well. This seems to be dependent on if you are using the classic Yahoo mail version or the new mail version. Try different settings for yahoo services and such.

Advanced and optional settings:

This will take you to yahoo mail. If you wanted to got to My Yahoo instead, use “my” in place of “ym” – there are a lot of others as well…

Sometimes you’re going to need these in the url and sometimes you won’t. If you’re having problems, removing or adding these setting sometimes helps get you into your account easier or faster. YMMV

And ALWAYS log out when you’re done. If you don’t, the next time you click on the link, you WILL be asked for the password. Logout when you’re done!